PCB Milling Machine

PCB Milling Machine with Automatic Tool Change

The PMMA02 is technically equivalent to the PMMA01, but it has 24 positions tool changer and 100000 RPM spindle Speed. The combination of automatic tool changing, high precision and possibility to make dozens of jobs makes this machine one of a kind. This machine has an extremely high precision and has all the required features and accessories to produce Printed Circuit Boards in an easy and fast way. This machine can do a lot more: Machining of small electronic cabinets and front panels just two names of examples. It is an excellent choice for every development or design lab as well as for departments and companies that must keep PCBs designs inside their own labs for data security reasons. Small product runs and prototypes can be easily fabricated fully unattended with extremely high accuracy.

  • HF spindle motor with pneumatic control
  • Spindle Speed 62000 or 100000 RPM
  • 12 or 24 position tool changer
  • Ultrafine resolution (0.1µm)
  • Absolute Accuracy (7.5µm)
  • Suitable for double sided PCB’s
  • Cabinet for safe and quiet operation
  • It’s a perfect tools for developing and producing
  • Structuring Circuit
  • De-panelling of
  • Engraving or Cutting front
  • Standard set of 50 Tools provided for Drilling, Milling,
  • Machining of Plastics, Wood or Aluminium
  • Comes with professional software
  • Load all layers with one click and start milling right away

Plated Through Hole (PTH) System


Plated Through Hole (PTH) System is extremely useful system which provides facility to prepare two layers Printed Circuit Board. A conductive hole can make connection from one layer to another layer of the board and reduce the complexity of PCB Board designing. MT-PTH01 includes 8 types of required chemicals , Chemical Settling Tray cum Storage, PTH processing Tank with Digital Timer and 5 Slot and Heated Press to prepare multilayer (4 Layers) PCB. The setup is upgradable to process up to 6 layers PCB.
All the necessary accessories like Measuring Cylinder, Digital Balance, Timer/ Stopwatch, Gloves, Flask, Cleaning Kits, Stirrer,Apron etc. included as standard for safely use of chemicals in the laboratories along with the setup.

PCB Size : 580mm x 380mm
Through hole size : 0.3 mm/0.5 mm (For Multilayer)
PCB Materials : FR4, Bakelite, Paper Phenolic ,etc.
PTH Tank Size : 600 mm x 400 mm x 400mm
Process Time : Min. 90 minutes – Max. 130 minutes
Heated Press: 200°F to 350°F
No of Chemicals: 8 types for fabrication of 20 No. A4 Size PCB.
Digital Balance : 10gm with 1mg resolution.
Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz

Multilayer PCB Preparation

With the help of Heated Press and Special binding materials, up to 4 (Future Upgradable to 6) Layers PCB can be prepared. The press mechanism is used to join two double layer PCB into one four Layer PCB.
As the binding materials used in this process is heat sensitive, hence automatic Heater Cut-off and Built in Alarm is provided for error free operation.