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Complete Educational Solution

Micro-PIC18F Development Kit

PIC is a family of modified Harvard architecture microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology.

The PIC microcontroller is the most widely used controller in the automation industry today. It is the most preferred choice of engineers working in the field of industrial electronics solutions.

The Micro-PIC18F Development Board has interfaced the PIC18F series microcontroller, to various peripherals on the board. Running at 40 MHz the chip delivers excellent results when interfaced to devices like LED’s and LCD, I2C interface based memory devices, RTC, SD/MMC Card interface, Matrix Keypad, ADC, DAC, graphical LCD, Stepper motor, etc are also interfaced on the board. Different peripherals can be selected by using selection switches so multiplexing of devices has been possible.

  1. Based on the PIC18F45xx microcontroller running @48 MHz.
  2. 16x2 Character LCD and connector for Graphic LCD.
  3. Two 7 Segment Display.
  4. Eight LED's.
  5. 4x4 matrix Keypad.
  6. SD Card over SPI.
  7. Stepper Motor and DC Motor interface with L293 Driver.
  8. On Board I2C based EEPROM.
  9. On Board DS1307 I2C RTC.
  10. UART over USB-Serial converter for PC Connectivity.
  11. UART with RS232 converter.
  12. Relay with terminal connector.
  13. Switch for external interrupt.
  14. Reset switch and Power Switch.
  15. Two on chip ADC Channels interfaced to variable voltage sources.
  16. Buzzer on GPIO.
  17. Port Pins on FRC Connectors.
  1. SPI EEPROM card based on AT25C512.
  2. I2C based ADC /DAC card.
  1. Micro-PIC18F development board.
  2. 5V/1.5A SMPS power supply adapter.
  3. USB AtoB cable.
  4. User manual and related documentation.
  5. Source codes in Assembly and C.
  6. Bootloader flash programmer software.