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Complete Educational Solution

Micro-A960 Development Kit Preloaded with Linux 3.0

The Micro-A960 Development Board is based on the AT91SAM9260 processor based on the ARM926EJS ARM processor. At full speed the processor runs at 180 MHz.

The ARM926EJ-S processor features a Jazelle technology enhanced 32-bit RISC CPU, flexible size instruction and data caches, tightly coupled memory (TCM) interfaces and memory management unit (MMU). It also provides separate instruction and data  AHB interfaces suitable for Multi-layer AHB based systems. The ARM926EJ-S processor implements the ARMv5TEJ instruction set which includes an enhanced 16 x 32-bit multiplier capable of single cycle MAC operations and 16-bit fixed point DSP instructions to enhance performance of many signal processing applications as well as supporting Thumb® technology. It has a 5 stage pipeline.

The Micro-A960 board is a full feature board with 64 MB of DDR RAM and 64 MB of NAND Flash. Interfaces like 10/100 MBPS Ethernet, USB2.0 host and device, UARTS, SD/MMC, ADC etc. It comes preloaded with Linux 3.0 operating system.

  1. Based on the AT91SAM9260 microcontroller running @180 MHz
  2. 64 MB SDRAM
  3. 64 MB Nand Flash.
  4. Eight LED's.
  5. 4x4 matrix Keypad.
  6. SD/MMC Card.
  7. 10/100 Ethernet.
  8. USB2.0 HOST.
  9. USB 2.0 Device.
  10. On Board MCP79411 I2C RTC with MAC ID. On Board I2C based EEPROM.
  11. On Board MCP79411 I2C RTC with MAC ID.
  12. Switch for external interrupt.
  13. Two UART with RS232 converter.
  14. Two ADC Channels interfaced to variable voltage sources.
  15. Reset switch and Power Switch.
  16. Port Pins on FRC Connectors.
  1. Micro-A960 development board.
  2. 5V/1.5A SMPS power supply adapter.
  3. DB9 Cable.
  4. User manual and related documentation.
  5. Ethernet Patch cable.
  6. Source codes in C.