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Complete Educational Solution

Micro-51F Development Kit

The 8051 is a Harvard Architecture, CISC instruction set, single chip microcontroller. It is a very popular 8 Bit microcontroller. It has a typical RAM memory of 128 or 256 bytes and ROM or Flash memory of 4KB to 64 KB. It can have external memory of 64 KB. Typical peripherals include two UARTS, Two Timers, and Four general purpose PORTS, interrupt pins etc. With a 12 MHz clock frequency the 8051 can execute 1 million one-cycle instructions per second or 500,000 two-cycle instructions per second.

The 89v51 variant comes with features such as 64KB on chip flash and In-System Programming, 12 clock or 6 clock operation, Three timers, 3 counters etc. It can be operated up to 40 MHz.

In many engineering schools the 8051 microcontroller is used in introductory microcontroller courses.

The Micro-51F is a full featured development board with standard interfacing peripherals available for the user for programming.

  1. Based on the P89v51RD2 microcontroller running @12 MHz.
  2. 16x2 Character LCD.
  3. 7 Segment Display.
  4. Eight LED's.
  5. 4x4 matrix Keypad.
  6. On Board single channel 8 bit ADC (ADC08).
  7. Stepper Motor and DC Motor interface with L293 Driver.
  8. On Board I2C based EEPROM.
  9. UART over USB-Serial converter.
  10. Relay with terminal connector.
  11. Switch for external interrupt.
  12. Ports P0,P1,P2,P3 brought out on 26 pin and 14 pin header.
  13. Reset switch and Power Switch.
  14. On Board DS1307 I2C RTC with power backup.
  1. DAC card based on DAC08.
  2. I2C based ADC /DAC card.
  1. Micro-51F development board.
  2. 5V/1.5A SMPS power supply adapter.
  3. USB AtoB cable.
  4. User manual and related documentation.
  5. Source codes in Assembly and C.