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Complete Educational Solution

About Microembedded

MicroEmbedded Technologies was established in the year 2011 and is located in Pune city (Maharashtra, India). Being located in Pune which is the home of Pune University (one of the premier university in India) enables us to be the Embedded Systems solutions company providing Engineering and Technical solutions to the Engineering Institutions in and around Pune University.

The Aim of MicroEmbedded Technologies is to provide easy to design, easy to develop and easy to use Embedded Systems solutions to Engineering Institutions and Engineering Individuals. To provide easy to understand and implement development tools which will aid the user in in-depth understanding of the technology and rapid implementation of the project /application.

We provide Educational training platforms and Single Board Computer (SBC) kits based on the MCU architectures like 8051, PIC, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, ARM Cortex-M3 and ARM Cortex A8 etc.

Strength of MicroEmbedded.

Research and Development Team: an experienced team of engineers is the pillar on which MicroEmbedded Technologies have developed many of the solutions it is actively providing to its customers. Our collective technical experience at MicroEmbedded is around 70 man years.

Technical Support Team: a team of highly skilled Support engineers makes sure that the users using our products are always provided the prompt technical support they are in need of. We make sure that support is provided to the user on field or off-field by email or telephone. Strong documentation of the product along with the working source code and its explanation is a part of the standard product package.

Training Modules: we also arrange for technical training for the faculty and students in campus. We have collaborated with many experts in the industry and bring them to you for delivering the best technical education in the related fields.

Mission of MicroEmbedded.

We aim to build the best possible ecosystem for the educational organizations, engineering institutions and enthusiastic embedded system engineers with high quality technical systems which will help them in designing, developing and implementing superior Embedded System Products and Applications.

We aim to provide High Quality, Efficient and Cost Effective Technical Products which will empower the technical faculty to demonstrate and transfer the knowledge of Embedded Systems.

MicroEmbedded Advantage:

  • Quality Hardware and Software products.
  • On Field and Off Field technical Support.
  • Customized Training Modules.
  • Customer centric approach.
  • Research and Development Team at your disposal.
  • Strong Documentation support.

Our Products:

We have designed, developed and manufactured Development Boards, Single Board Computer and Evaluation Kits based on various MCU Architectures and chipset. The list is as follows;
  • 8051 :P89V51Rd2,88C51,89S51 etc
  • PIC: PIC18F458,PIC18F4550,PIC18F4520 etc.
  • ARM7: LPC2124,LPC2138,LPC2148,LPC2294.
  • ARM9: AT91SAM9260,AT91SAM9263, TI-AM1808.
  • ARM Cortex M3: LPC1768, LPC1788.
  • ARM Cortex A8: A10,A20.
  • Interfacing capes for Beagle Board Black.
  • GPRS Modules.
  • Graphical LCD Modules.
  • TFT LCD Modules.
  • Serial memory Modules (I2C and SPI).
  • Serial data acquisition Modules.