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We as a company are hugely invested in understanding and solving the needs of the Technical Education sector and Engineering Organizations.At Micro Embedded we are committed to providing embedded technology products which are functional, practical, reliable and cost effective integrated solutions.
We are a Design, Develop and Manufacture group having its Research and Development Team actively working in developing new products. The strong R&D team having several years of experience in the field of embedded systems enables us to provide our engineering services to various industrial and consumer sectors.
Micro Embedded provides a complete ecosystem for design, development, manufacturing and training for the Integrated Embedded Product.
Our Hardware team is experienced in low end to high end system design and integration using various microcontrollers and microprocessor architectures like ARM, PIC, 8051 etc. We have enormous experience in High Speed and High Density Printed Circuit Board design, manufacture and assembly.
Our Embedded Software Development team has expert knowledge in developing standalone applications , application development in Real Time Operating systems (RTOS) like microC OS (uCOS II), microC Linux (uCLinux) and full fledged operating systems like Linux and Android.
We have successfully executed the design and development of products like HandHeld Control units, Biometric Integrated System, Building Automation control cards, Wireless data relay, GSM and GPS based units, Wifi integrated systems etc.

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PL III and PL IV Lab solutions in Computer engineering for pune university.